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In 2004, we decided to do an exhibition on young Chinese artists from Beijing. We had worked together successfully on a previous project and were looking for something challenging and exciting. We quickly arrived at the idea for an exhibition – one of us being an art historian and the other having lived in China in the 1980s. Our main goal was to expose the new generation of Beijing artists and what they were doing.

Drawing on contacts with gallery owners and the Central Academy of Fine Arts (CAFA) in Beijing, we were able to select a unique group of young artists from various fields and backgrounds. Over the course of the project, some wonderful developments took place. We extended the core group to more than ten artists, we attached a film festival to the exhibition, and we witnessed some of “our folks” getting more and more acknowledgment for their work.

In the summer of 2006, we were finally able to reap the rewards of two years of intensive preparations. In July, we proudly presented the artists for the first time in the L.A. Gallery Beijing. In August, we opened our festival “Made in China: Young Art and Fresh Film from Beijing” in Berlin. The festival featured a daring, if not controversial integration of private and public space.

It was clear by then that we wanted to continue and extend our cooperation with the artists. This is what Johnny Judge Gallery is about. It is both the result of our previous work and the prologue to future exhibitions. Consistent with our basic concept, we will choose inspiring exhibition spaces all over the world and bring to you the finest of Beijing’s talented newcomers.

Please make an appointment to see their work at our Berlin-based gallery or have a first look online:
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Johannes Kadura and Sonja Longolius

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